Automatically sounds blast cadences for COLREGS conditions of limited visibility     Mounting tabs and stainless mounting screws included
  Distress Mode repeatedly blasts SOS distress signal     Easy to install (about 15 minutes)
  Configurable for motor, sail, and motor/sail vessels     Retail package includes all color-coded wiring, quick-fit connectors, and splices

Anti-Synchronization feature randomizes blast interval to assure vessels will hear each other     Waterproof design - epoxy encapsulated
  Waterproof helm label included as a quick reference for signals heard and operating instructions     Small footprint requires little behind-the-helm space
  Easy to operate; depending on the installation type, simply flip a switch or two     Low power consumption
  Color coded labeling facilitates installation     50 page manual covers installation, operation, and useful tips for safe operation in the fog
  Requires no additional switches, but can be configured with dedicated switches if desired     1 year warranty