How Can FogMate Make Operating My Vessel Safer?



In the year 2000, 17% of all boating fatalities were in conditions of fair to poor visibility. Many vessels install radar systems for operating in fog and darkness. However, every year there are a number of collisions in fog in which both vessels were operating with radar. Very few accidents occur in which both vessels are sounding their fog signals according to the USCG Navigation Rules (Rule 35). One of FogMateís intended uses is to automate the signaling of a vesselís horn in conditions of limited visibility to relieve the vesselís skipper from that task while he tends to the other duties of operating his vessel in fog or other conditions of limited visibility.

Every year, there are a number of boating disasters in which the occupants of a vessel are separated from the vessel.  Examples include abandoning the vessel due to fire, and jumping overboard to attempt to help another victim already in the water.  There are many anecdotal instances that are well documented in the press. In these situations, FogMate can be used to repeatedly sound an SOS distress signal using the vesselís horn. This can be effective in attracting attention, and ultimately assistance from nearby vessels.